Visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic

The Technology Cluster actively participates in the event

„SLOVAKIATECH FORMUM EXPO 2021“ March 22, 2017


At the BERG Faculty, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic got acquainted with the unique parameters of the „eFusion“ technology, non-mechanical excavation to extreme depths, for the creation of mining works, waste repositories and underground transport infrastructure, which is currently in test mode.

After the presentation of unique technologies to the Deputy Prime Minister, prof. Stanislav Kmeť Rector of the University informed the Deputy Prime Minister about current events at TUKE. He highlighted the contribution of structural funds, the use of which was, and is the important source of implementation of development projects at the university.

The results and impressions of the TUKE visit were also mentioned by the Vice-Chairman during a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, where he highlighted the results of research and development and the uniqueness and potential of eFusion technology.